Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Ireland Galway Branch Changes Jan 2009

This Great family who became part of our lives and the lives of the Galway Branch had to leave and return to Italy and Switzerland to find work. They were so sad to leave as were we to see them go for they were and are truly part of our family and we will always try to keep track of them and in time they may come to the States and visit us or we to Italy to visit them. Denise, Angelo, Patrizia and Ruben.
Denise Volpicelle, Ruben Volpicelle, Elder Tolman and Patrizia Cantalupo what a great cook she is and warmed our hearts with special hugs and the love of the Gospel.

Denise Volpicelle, Ruben Volpicelle, Sister Tolman and Patrizia Cantalupo what a great cooks, Sister Tolman and Patty became close spirit sisters and will long remember one another.

This is an oil painting Angelo did for us of a location in Wicklow, southern Ireland his ability as an artist amazed us all and let us know that each has a great talent to bless the lives of all fathers children.

This is northwest ireland in the land of Conamera and in the background are part of what is called the "BENS" 12 mountains that stand over this rocky side of Ireland.

You can see from here the stark landscape of the Northwest of Ireland 60 Kilometers out of Galway.

In January 2009 we were privledged to see Ruben Volpicelle and Linda John come into the church and what joy filled their hearts as it did ours. Ruben said and now I can get prepared to serve a mission in one year and go to the Temple. He read the Book of Mormon in three weeks and new it was true more every day and always had great truths to share with us as we went to their home.

Elders Bushnell, Watts, Barber and Anderson great teachers of the truth.

Elder Anderson, Tolamn and Sister Tolman with Elder Baughman what a great team who loved the work and never stopped loving the people.

Elder Watts, Tolman and Sister Tolamn and Elder Barber who came to learn Russian and love Georgian food with our new friend and member Valdimir.

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