Monday, September 1, 2008

Galway Branch Party The international Branch

The Galway Branch 33 of its members gathered in a town of Gort 25 kilometers outside of Galway where the Brazilian members live. In this picture are Russian, Latvian, south african, Irish, English, Russian Georgians and of course the missionaries.
From right to left Elder Midgley, Tolman, Brother Adirson Leal a Brizalian Elders Rowley, Elston, Watts. All of us are learning portugese
Sister Tolman with Khanansi a south Africa.
The getting ready to play a game of friendly soccor of course after great Brazialian food.
Elza and her youngust son gliarmie, he was not sure about all these people and was tired.

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Crazy Lees said...

Oh how the work moves forward! It is so much fun to see the members. LAso pictures of you! So green! That castle is gorgeous! And the workmanship is so unbelievable! we saw the cutest sign last night..."Irish you a Merry Christmas" totally though of you!