Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Land of Connemara Ireland & Galway Branch Baptisms

This is a Connemara Pony. They are protected horses in the Connemara national Park to help keep this breed of Irish pony pure and from being killed off.
Looking toward the north and west coast of Ireland from the heights of the Connemara mountains were they mine out the Connemara marble which is used in Irish jewelry.
Elders Elston & Rowley with Olanrewaju Alayande & Damien Flatley. Ola is from Nigeria and Damien from Ireland. The two of three Baptisms this month of September 2008
Olanrewaju Alayande & Damien Flatley with Elder Tolman & Brother Coleman Curran of the Galway Branch Ireland. Ola is from Nigeria and Damien from Ireland. The two of three Baptisms this month of September 2008
Signs in Connemara park and along the Roads in English and Irish and that is the way it is all over the republic of Ireland; however in Galway they speak the Irish a lot and there schools, news papers and other documents come out in the Irish language.

This is a beautiful lake in the Connemara National park very calm and peaceful This is a view from the bottom of the trails in the park. This is like pikes peak in the Unitas.
The Irish Country side looking out over the land from up on the Connemara mountains.
Looking toward the East of Ireland from the Connemara mountains and yes Ireland does have High mountains in the north and Western side of Ireland where the English drove all the Irish and where 14 English Lords governed over the people for years. This part of Ireland is filled with rock fences because it is all very rocky in this part of Ireland. Yet the foliage is beautiful.


aa said...
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aa said...

All the pictures are very beautiful. This is called the beauty of nature as all the views are so natural....
I wish to have an original view of this place as it is looking so peaceful....


Crazy Lees said...

Totally breathtaking! It makes me want to be there soooo bad! Congratulations to the new members!