Monday, October 13, 2008

The Silver Streak Galway to Limerick & Back

Elder and Sister Tolman with William McCarthy who was baptised in 1982. His membership records had been lost and so was he; however the Lord directed him to us and we were able to reteach him the Gospel and on this day he is engaged in the Gospel and building his testimeony more each and so glad to be back in the church
Elder and Sister Tolman with the Italian family Angelo Anghel, Denise and mother Patrizia Cantalupo from Italy. They will be Baptised in the Alantic Ocean on October 19, 2008. When we asked them where they wanted to be baptised there response not Limerick in the Ocean. So now we figure out the tides and out to the beach for the baptism. They love the Gospel and Patti as she like to be called has waited for 15 years for the restored Gospel, and Angelo as he hears the message just say, "how profound and wonderful". They are both excited for this coming weekend. Angelo is Romanian but speaks Italian and english so helps his wife and children to understand. We use preach my Gospel in Italian which with the scriptures brings in the power of the spirit of the Lord.
The newest member to the family, Maya and we are so glad to see her and we have a new baby in the branch so Sister Tolman loves holding the little one as if she were holding her own grandchild.

A Picture from the past, to the left is the mission president Elder Broadbent and next is Elder Cuthburt all may know him as Hazel Dunsmores father that made it even more special as I knew him before also and helpped to establish the work in the south of Ireland.
This is the Limerick Ireland Branch and District building where we go for most of our baptisms and which 93 Kilometers from Galway.
Elder Watts on the left with Vladimir from Georgia out of the old Russia and was baptised 10/12/2008. What a wonderful experience teaching this good brother and seeing him come into the church. He said" I feel so clean, sins are washed away and gone I can now move forward. Elder Midgely to the right who performed the Baptism. Another example of the many languages we are dealing with these days in the mission field.
Elder and Sister Tolman with Vladimir what a sweet giving man he is. When he recieved the Book of mormon he read it twice in three days and said he knew it was true. It is intersting to know the church had crossed his path before but he had made no connection until now.

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Abbys Attick said...

Wow! You look so great! THe light is beaming form everyone! Mia looked precious in her gown! The kids all informed me that we need to have a new baby sister so you can send us a gown like that for her!....Mom gave no respnce! Love you!