Monday, October 20, 2008

Into the Atlantic to bring home Fathers Children

This is not in order but most important was this moment as we came out of the Atlantic Ocean and you could see the smiles on the faces of Angelo and Patrizia and they said when we came out of the water we felt so warm and clean and a new beginning in life.

Arms around one another as we went into the water there was no other place where they wanted to make covenants with the Lord than in the Ocean a small bit of cold was not to great a price for this new beginning.
Elder Elston, Angelo, Emanuele, Patrizia, Elder Rowley and Ruben. Emanuele is Italian and came all the way from Dublin to participate with this great couple and as you can see the wind was blowing but it felt warm to us and the sun had come through and the rain had stopped so all was great.

All of us just before we went into the ocean, the wind just about blew our hair away. Left to right Elder Elston who was a witness, Angelo, Elder Tolman, Patrizia her daughter Denise, Ruben their Son and Elder Rowley the other witness.
A very happy couple with their children and this night after the baptism Ruben came up and said he wanted to be baptised but in a warm pool.
Elder Elston, Angelo, Emanuele, Patrizia, Elder Rowley and Ruben.
Into the Ocean we went and they hand in hand to make a change in life that Patrizia had be looking for for over 15 years and the Lord put them in our path as they searched for a better life for their family.

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Breanne said...

That is so beautiful! It makes me think of when Christ was baptized in the River Jordan. What a great memory!