Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Special day for the O'Loughlin Sons of Sister Gibbons

Nathan O'Loughlin and Brother William Lathen from Boise Idaho who was a missionary to Ireland in 1970 and is here is Galway on a sabbatical teaching tax law who baptised these two great boys. Alex O'Loughlin at Bills left was so prepared and loves the church and has waited for this whole last year for his baptism. Nathan had been in the water twice before but had such a fear of water that he could not go under so had to have many swimming lessons before this event could take place. He is a great young man and will be a great leader as will his brother in coming years. Bill became a real father and grand father figure to these boys.
Nathan and Alex with their mother Sister Michelle Gibbons a long time member and great strength to the Galway Branch. She now serves as the District Primary President and travels with her children to the different branches in the Limerick District. The travel to the farthest Branch is almost 5 hours.

Alex O'Loughlin an Irish boy with a strong testimony and enthusiam for the Gospel

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