Wednesday, December 24, 2008

At Christmas 2008 we reflect on what has been and what can be and our faith grows stronger and our love for the Lord increases with each passing day.

From Elder and Sister Tolman at the Christmas 2008 we send our love to all our family and friends and wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. In this great work of the Lord you learn to wear many hats ie. Missionary, Branch President, negociator, contractor, inspectator, teacher, leader, counselor, shed builder, flat inspecter, communications center and the list goes on but all bring happiness to our lives and the service we are able give. To all the Elders we have served with this year we express our love and thanks for their devotion to our Father in Heaven and their dedication to the work.
The Galway Distict December 2008 Elder Anderson, Elder Bushnell (District Leader), Elder Barber and Elder Watts. Those who are learning to council, Eat Nigerian and Russian foods and even speak the languages.

The Work of Angelo Anghel the Romaian / Italain whose talents just continue to amaze us, especially in his Love and dedication to the Lord.

The Galway District of November 2008, Elder Barber, Elder Baughman (District Leader), Elder Anderson and Elder Watts those who have come to speak Italain.

Galway District of October 2008 Elder Elston, Elder Midgley, Elder Watts and Elder Rowley (District Leader) whose Faith and Love of the Lord changed the lives of eight of Father in Heavens children forever. Those who came into the Gospel beacuse of the Elders were Liliana Goncalves, Olanrewaju Alyande, Damain Flatley, Nathan Oloughlin, Alex Gibbons Vladimir Marcheivelli, Angelo Angel, Patrizia Cantalupo. Never a day of rain nor a day that this district did not pray for the people of this great city right along with the members of the Branch exercising their faith in the Lord for the increase and His help.

Galway District of September 2008 Elder Jensen, Elder Lawson, Elder Midgley, Elder Norwood, Elder Alexander who never stopped looking and who planted many gospel seeds and strengthened and established the church in Gort the city of Brazilian Saints.
The begining of the Construction of the new Branch church hall in Galway where for the first time they will have a place to call home and we can meet without being confronted with others pushing us out on there schedules.

The Beginning of the new Priesthood and Gospel Doctrine Room 26 by 13 foot room

The new Relief Society Room 26 by 14 feet and Gospel Priciples room.

The new Chapel area which will hold about 120 members and investigators and as you can see the ceiling is going in; however still has much more work to be done as the yellow wall will have two doors cut for exitsand the color of the walls will change. This will also be our cultural hall. The other rooms of which we will have 9 teaching stations will be used for Seminary and Institute as Sister Tolman and I teach those classes.

Contruction of the halls and offices in the facility. To the right is a door way into the chapel area and down the hall to the Branch Presidents office.

The Back hallway leading to the Kitchen, Priesthood, Relief Society, Primary, sunday school and clerks offices and rooms.

The hall entry way and the windows to the back of the Chapel area to let in natural sunlight.

The Back end of the Chapel area as construction began and under the black mat on the floor is a hard wood floor for the chapel but also the cultural hall.

Our ocean Baptismal Font at high tide about five meters deep of water you can see why we come at half tide.

The Road to Silver strand and as you can see we are in the fall and many of the leaves and green follage are gone from the trees but it is still a very peacfull way to the strand usually like a tunnel going through the trees hanging over the road.

Thatched roof business buildings in town and you can see a building without the thatching but getting ready to reapply the thaching. This art of thaching is dying out in Ireland near the cities.

One of the Main Galway harbour Quays where very large Swans swim all the time. In the background you can see some of the old Spanish architecture of the early settlers of Galway.

Our friend and member of the church a street sales person made this for us as he left for the year as a rememberance of him. We wish him well in his travels.

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auntye said...

Dear did Holman. I am sister Kim . I was baptised off silver stand March 17 1990. I married Elder Kim in salt lake sister and we returned to Galway in 1995. We return to 5 single sisters in the branch. We started a reach out program to find and reactivate lost members. We held church in the couple's house in Cruchaun park. Rahoon. I grew up in Galway and went to National school with Mechelle Gibbins.