Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dundalk Experiences Continue 2009

This is the Town of Newcastle on the Northern coast of Northern Ireland where many go to enjoy the beach on Holiday. It is a location in the Mountians of Mourn, called so for the follage that grows here.
The beach area which rolls on for almost seven kilometers. This day was a day of Paddy misdt and what you would call a good day for Irish surfing at the Beach.

If you enlarge the picture or look close you will see on the side of the Building in this town of Newry the name of Murtagh. This is the beginning of or orgin of the name of the town I grew up in, in Idaho called Murtaugh. And of course in any good Irish twon you should have kentucky fried Chicken, just no mashed potatoes, biscuits etc. but you can have your chips.

The Chapel area of our Branch in Dundalk setup and ready for Church on Sunday. The Branch is beginning the member involvement and getting used to helping to clean the building and to keep it up and presentable for the meetings we have and allowing the spirit to be there.

The Front of our building. Yes both doors go into our building, we use the ones by the church sign. There is alot of history with this great location and with the establishment of the sign on the church there is a new spirit in the Branch and things are beginning to happen in the work of the Lord. The members are so proud of their building. It is the first time for them that the name of the Church has been displayed on their meeting location.

No picture of Ireland is complete without seeing a rainbow and this one was just across the street from where we live.

Two of the youngest members of our Branch taking a historical picture after the church sign was placed. Meet Elanor Vallely and Leah Phoenix.

Meet the members of our Branch as we held a special night for Julius and Anna Gernelis who are from Latvia and live in Ireland they had just been married in the Sweeden temple and we had a surprise party for them and a great Branch social.

This is Julius and Anna with their wedding cake in Dundalk chapel. The Cake was made by a good Branch member Rachel Meehan.

The Dundalk Branch at the Summer BBQ get together, we had 42 in attendance and 37 at the later one. This was a great number as they had not been getting together much for a while. We all need the social interaction of meeting members of the church in our associations.

Meet Bola and Eka Adebanjo and their children Lola, Lara and Layo. This was Lara'a Baptism and her father performed the baptism and it was his first ordiance as an Aaronic Priesthood holder. We were thrilled to help him with this sacred ordiance and to see him advance in the Priesthood.

Yes this is your favorite Senior Missionary couple and we send our Irish smile your direction.

Others of the Branch at the BBQ all signing together.

Meet Claire Quigley on her day of Baptism into the Church the Lord had prepared her so well and the Spirit of the Lord is guideing her in the Church. She has a son Connor.

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