Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The End of the Galway Assignment & Beginning of Dundalk

This Store is in the Middle of Ireland in a Town called Ballinasloe in Co. Galway! As we headed to our new assignment on the east coast of Ireland we just could not pass up the opportunity to get this picture and think of family at home and all that that means to us.
This was our 1st. view of Dundalk, looking from our Hotel room out over the college towards the city. As we looked the thoughts of where we would stay and who we would be meeting stired our minds and then driving on these small streets brought new meaning to the words nervious.

This is our meeting Hall here in Dundalk. It takes in the 2 double-door facilities in the picture. Our car is in the middle of the 2 sides of the Hall. We enter thru the glass side, the Chapel is on the other.

Back before we left Galway, the Branch gave us a Farewell Party. This is Pres. Keith O'Toole and his wife Karen and daughter Ciarrai.

This the Coleman Curran family, wife Emma, daughter, Eve,and baby Sophie Rose.

Eve Curran age 10

Sophie age 7 months The Branch all loved baby Sophie
and she new they loved her and played to all the attention
Lisa Isokpan AND Sharon Isokpan, Me and Linda John & Baby Immanuel. Elder Tolman baptized Linda.

Pres. O'Toole and Elder Tolmans Good-bye!
This leaving saw the Galway Branch grow from 30 in attendance to over 60 and President O'Toole felt so filled with the spirit of his new call and what could happen in the future of the Branch. We had the priviledge of seeing 23 come into the Branch and helping to see the completion of their new building facility what a bolessing for these members who love one another and do the best they can.
"Irish Road Crew"!!!!!! Sheep keep the grass cut cheep and low fuel costs!

SOME of the beautiful garden views at Ashford Castle Connermara in the rain.

This is an awesome sight to see, I'm sure it is a great stay as well now that it is a 5 Star Hotel

This is the Jerry Dossen Family at Jerry's Baptism. Elder Tolman had that priviledge.

This is 3 weeks later when Jerry baptizes his wife Mesrek , son Gabrieal, and another sister from Nigaragia Doris Zamora ! What wonderful people and with strong testimonies. We hope for Doris that other members of her family one day will be touched by the church and they will all be reunited in this world of heavy politics.

Back to the day Jerry was baptized was also Winnie Duru & Odesauwa Ikpotokin with Elders Proctor, Ranger and Tolman.

I was glad to stand with this great borther Jermiah Dossen and feeling the potential for good he would bring to the Branch and the Church as he was Baptized. At the time of this posting he was fellow shipping two other families into the Branch one family of five from Gort and another friend from Galway of four. Jerry wants to someday servie a mission with Mesrek his good wife and companion and looks to the day when they can all go to the Temple and be sealed.

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