Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thached roof cottage on the way to Spideal outside the town of Galway about 15 Kilometers
The narrow curbs that blow tires if your not careful driving.

Barna Woods just like in the 1600s kept much the same

Dear Loved ones
Greetings from the Land of the little people, wee cars, and the sweet green. Well things are moving fast but good. After a week of finding and visiting Branch members we had a great Sacrament meeting and attendance of 48 the highest number ever to attend to attend so the Lords spirit is moving here and we are so appreciative to be part of the work. We love these great people and to see their testimonies grow strengthens our faith in the Savior.
We will be setting up an English/institute Class to help the Brazilian Saints learn English so they can participate more with all and to help them so they can also find better jobs even though jobs here are going away because of the economy. My first counselor is going to California to shut down a Irish factory their and bring it all back to Ireland and that will keep his job.
This past week we put in 360 miles on our vehicle going to meetings and visiting the members and that is a lot of miles for Ireland; however the results were felt this last Sunday as they came to join with us in the meetings and there was a great spirit there.
We did spend time this week in Limerick one of the areas where I served before and they now have a beautiful chapel, what a change and maybe one day we will see the same here in Galway.
This last Sunday we met a family from Londonderry who announced to us that they had just made the Derry Branch a Ward, after 50 years of being a Branch. The Lords work is moving forward among this people and those who have immigrated here.
JoAnn and I took a walk into some of the oldest and still maintained woods here in Ireland and it looked like Harry Potters world, beautiful and quiet.
It was so good to here that things are going well there and every body is filled up with lifes activities.

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Crazy Lees said...

Mom and Dad, I can almost picture Hagrid standing right beside you.
The people of Ireland are absolutly LUCKY to have you!