Thursday, July 24, 2008

Trip to Dublin for couples conference july 19 2008

This is a special garden spot in Pheonix park in Dublin which was created by the care takers of the arch Bishop for having fresh vegtables for the house.
More of the Gardens and sweet peas growing plenty from the rain.
Everything due to the rain is very lush and big not like in our desert.
Small pear tree that is formed and shaped to the space.
Side of a tower castle in the back ground which is what is left of the Catholic Arch Bishops mansion.
Large Irish tapistry rugs woven in Ireland and hung on the walls
Example of Deer that today are in the park herds of 400 in size and just wonder the Park
Description of the Ashtown castle

Map of all the tower castles in and around Ireland

Couples at the couples conference in Dublin Eloder Sorenson, Elder & Sister Mulholland, Elder & Sister Wilford
The Finglas Ward chapel in Dublin
Mission Office in Dublin with pavers for drive way
President Creer and Elder and Sister Douglas

Far end Elder and Sister Douglas, Elder and Sister Nickel, Sister Tolman, Sister and Elder Neild
Sister Steinagel, Sister & Elder Sorenson, Sister & Elder Eaglesham and Elder & Sister Wilford
The couples gathering for a group picture outside the Finglas Chapel by the Mission office.

President Lowry counselor in Mission presidency, President Creer and Elder Steinagel

On the 18th July Don and JoAnn went to Dublin a 120 mile trip which took 3 hours due to the sixze of the roads. We met with the mission President and his wife and Brother Lowry of the mission presidency who was just a 14 year old boy when I was here in Ireland on my mission. I also met Brother Smith from Londonderry who is now 70 and still serving well and we went over memories of those days to now. They just organized the first ward in Londonderry after 50 years of the church being in that northern coast twon what a change for the saints there.

We are seeing our numbers coming to church increase and are now pushing toward 50 members coming out. We can see the spirit of the Lord working with the people and we feel things are going to change to bring people to the church.

Alot of our time is being taken facilitating the renovation of a building creating a Branch hall for the Saints here in Galway. There is alot to do in finding the saints and getting them to come back but with prayers and blessings of the Lord they will come back.

Well back to the conference, we were able to take a little time and go into one of the biggest parks not only in Ireland but around the world, it is called Pheonix Park and is 1700 acres in size and has many deer in the park that just roam constant.

We then spent the next day in a CES symposium on the new testiment which will be what we will be teaching this fall.

Well we are happy and busy and know the Gospel is true.

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